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Advocating for your members.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes members don’t always go to the most affordable option and end up stuck with a large bill. This often leads to frustrated members, but with bill negotiation, a member’s experience can be completely turned around.

A PointHealthTech patient advocate will work with your member and their provider to lower their medical bill and make them feel cared for again.

Expertise born from experience.

We serve health plan clients, including traditional insurance, discount medical plans, limited benefit plans, health sharing organizations, and TPAs.


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With access to our Smart Healthcare Platform.


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Across multiple sectors of the healthcare industry.


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Through our bill negotiation services.


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Negotiated on behalf of members and their plans since 2007.

Control your costs, reduce churn, and increase membership by partnering with us.

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Lower community sharing costs and keep members happy with bill negotiation.

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Retain existing and gain new clients through our cost-friendly Smart Healthcare Platform.

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Make your benefits package more competitive by adding our Smart Healthcare Platform.

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Testimonials from members.

See what patients say about Point Health’s bill negotiation service.

“Oh my I can't express in words how awesome this company is! Joseph Marek got my information 5 days ago and called me today and literally blew my mind, he reduced my medical bills from almost $10,000 to $2,877!! This company works on our behalf and they go above and beyond, not to mention, over exceeding all my expectations.”

Jawan Jackson

Google Review

“Rarely do you encounter customer service on this level. The two people I worked with, Cindy Putnam and Patrick Gaul were quick to return messages and phone calls from the outset of our encounter. All I want is for someone to listen, acknowledge and try to help me. I got that and more from Patrick Gaul. Concise, professional and kind in our interaction.

Rosa Slomkoski

Google REview


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