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We are driven by our values.

That's not something we just say. We live them every day.

We act with integrity.

We take responsibility, treat everyone with respect, ask for help when needed, and course-correct quickly.

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We strive for greatness.

We are focused on continuously earning our position at the pinnacle of our profession. We never settle, never stop improving.

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We are bold.

We set big goals and go after them, recognizing that playing it safe is often the riskier path.

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We move as one.

We are a diverse team of talented individuals relying on each other’s strengths to fulfill a unified purpose greater than ourselves.

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We bring passion.

We believe strongly in what we’re doing, working with urgency and excitement to solve important problems.

Hear from our team.

"It is rare to find a place of work that values their employees just as much as they value success. Being a part of a company that puts people’s needs before all else is such a privilege, and I’m thankful I get to be a part of it."

Justine Hearn Headshot

Justine Hearn

Senior Patient Advocate

"Healthcare is such an emotional subject because we’ve all heard devastating stories about the financial strain to receive quality healthcare. I love that I get to be part of a dedicated and talented team to tackle this challenge."

Chris Cerutti Headshot

Chris Cerutti

Product Manager

"The innovation at Point Health has enabled me to continuously strive for excellence while simultaneously growing my creativity. I’ve been inspired to continue my passion for building an empowered healthcare experience for all."

Ilia Shakarzahi Headshot

Ilia Shakarzahi

Software engineer

"When our daughter needed an MRI, I reached out to one of our fantastic Advocates. It took such a weight off our shoulders and through the whole process we were treated with kindness. This settled any doubts about whether the culture was real or not."

Josh Hutchins Headshot

Josh Hutchins

IT support specialist

"It’s refreshing to be a part of a company that continually invests in its employees and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Point Health has been an awesome place to grow both personally and professionally."

Savannah Kerns Headshot

Savannah Kerns

Operations Specialist

"I'm proud to be part of an organization that focuses on patients and their needs. I believe that without organizations like Point Health many people would be overburdened by the confusion and inflated costs of healthcare."

Patrick Gaul Headshot

Patrick Gaul

Patient advocate

"I joined right when they moved to being remote because of COVID, and I can 100% say I've always felt supported and connected to my teams. I love how collaborative the company is, and that communication between all levels is transparent."

Josie Rasberry Headshot

Josie Rasberry

Content Marketing Specialist

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