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“The staff really goes out of their way to answer every question and ensure my understanding of the program. They also work hard to find the answers to my needs! Way to go! If only they ran the nation’s healthcare!”


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“Rarely do you encounter customer service on this level. The two people I worked with, Cindy Putnam and Patrick Gaul were quick to return messages and phone calls from the outset of our encounter. All I want is for someone to listen, acknowledge and try to help me. I got that and more from Patrick Gaul. Concise, professional and kind in our interaction.”

Rosa Slomkoski

Google review

Reduce churn while keeping costs low.

Lighten your support team’s workload and improve member satisfaction.

Create compelling plan offerings to attract new members.

Drive member retention.

Our suite of services in the Smart Healthcare Platform will help you attract new members and reduce member churn by up to 20%.

Let's Grow

Reduce costs at every point of member benefit use.

Our shop-and-compare healthcare app, healthcare navigation, and bill negotiation combine to reduce medical bills by up to 44%.

Start Saving

Turn dissatisfied members into happy renewals.

Our Smart Healthcare Platform connects members with our specialists to help maximize benefits and minimize costs, all while reducing the workload on your support team.

Raise the Bar

Good for people, good for business.

Reduce costs and improve members' experiences with our Smart Healthcare Platform.


member bill savings

Negotiated on behalf of members and their plans since 2007.


Avg. Growth in NPS

For plans offering provider match/scheduling services.


net promoter score

That’s better than AmEx (55), Amazon Prime (53), and Allstate (40).


avg. cost savings

From healthcare navigation recommendations over a 4-year period.


Blogs, podcasts, white papers, and more to help you keep members happy and drive growth.

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