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Pointing members to better healthcare.

A patient’s first interaction with the PointHealthTech Smart Healthcare Platform is through our easy-to-use mobile app. This simple, digital-first solution combines shop-and-compare tools and the largest, most flexible selection of cash-pay providers in America to provide your members with a better healthcare experience. Plus, you gain a lower cost curve, better retention, and compelling differentiation for member growth.

All the bells and whistles in one app.

For members who like to have control, our app enables them to view pricing for hundreds of healthcare services. Members can shop and compare doctors, labs, hospitals, medications, and more. Our PointHealthTech app lets members easily shop for and manage their healthcare in one simple platform.

The right doctors.

Cash pay, network, no network? We’ve got your members covered with our customizable options and extensive database.

Affordable medications.

Our app will point your members to the most affordable option near them for their medications.

Unified care.

Patients don’t want five apps to manage their health experience. Consolidate care for better, faster, more affordable healthcare.

Transparent pricing.

Eliminate the guesswork around costs. No one would purchase a car, house, or even groceries without knowing the price. Why should healthcare be any different?

Reduce member churn, control costs, and increase member satisfaction with our shop-and- compare healthcare app.

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Help guide members to affordable, quality care and grow your community with the Point Health app.

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Elevate your services to existing clients and gain new ones with our easy-to-use app.

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Improve employee health and make your benefits package more competitive with the Point Health app.

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