New platform, proven results.

Our Smart Healthcare Platform means a superior member experience, lower cost curve, better retention, and competitive offerings that drive membership growth.

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Expertise born from experience.

We serve more than 700,000 members through our 25+ health plan clients, including traditional insurance, discount medical plans, limited benefit plans, health sharing organizations, and TPAs.

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We keep members happy.

Members who use our Smart Healthcare Platform report a Net Promoter Score* of 56. That’s better than AmEx (55), Amazon Prime (53), and Allstate (40).

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Practical, proven success.

Since 2007 we've saved more than $384 Million in medical bills for our clients with an average out-of-pocket savings for members of 44%.

*Net Promoter Score is the percentage of customers rating their likelihood to recommend a company, a product, or a service to a friend or colleague.

PointHealthTech Mobile App

We offer an app that allows members to view pricing for hundreds of healthcare services. Members can shop and compare doctors, labs, hospitals, medications, and more.

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Healthcare Navigation

Our expert healthcare navigators listen to your members’ needs, then find the best care for them (and your plan) at a low price.

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Bill Negotiation

When a member faces an unexpected or unreasonably high medical bill, a dedicated PointHealthTech patient advocate works on their behalf to negotiate a reduction.

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Control your costs, reduce churn, and increase membership by partnering with us.

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Keep sharing costs low and grow membership with the suite of services in our Smart Healthcare Platform.

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Retain existing and gain new clients through our cost-friendly Smart Healthcare Platform.

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Make your benefits package more competitive by adding our Smart Healthcare Platform.

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Testimonials from clients and members.

See what patients and payers say about PointHealthTech’s services.

“PointHealthTech has been an invaluable partner committed to controlling the cost of healthcare for the Sedera medical cost sharing community. Their patient advocates provide the highest level of service for our members and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our members are cared for with grace and dignity. Without the experience, capabilities, and ongoing commitment to excellence that (they) deliver, Sedera would not be able to provide our transparent, affordable non-insurance alternative to our members.”

Jamie Lagarde


“Oh my I can't express in words how Awesome this company is! Joseph Marek got my information 5 days ago and called me today and  literally blew my mind, he reduced my medical bills from almost $10,000 to $2,877!! This company works on our behalf and they go above and beyond, not to mention, over exceeding all my expectations. Joseph Marek YOU ARE AWESOME :) Thanks sooooooo much!!!!”

Jawan Jackson

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Blogs, podcasts, white papers, and more to help you keep members happy and drive growth.

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